06 February 2017

This $10 bill looks funny.

It's taped on a wall, presumably for the education of some employees.  Do you know why it looks funny?  Answer below the fold.

It's "movie money."  Printed for use in a movie. And it says so right there under the "official seal" and on "Alexander Hamilchin's" collar, and apparently off the frame UR. 

But it seems more realistic than necessary for a movie.  And when I look on eBay I see tons of this stuff on sale, and uber-cheap.  There are not that many people making movies, and I feel certain much (most) of this was never manufactured for use in movies.  Google News has lots of reports of such money turning up in circulation.

Retailers beware.  And it might be worthwhile looking at bills you get in change at the store.

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