19 February 2017

"Swanga" illustrated

Many more pix here.  This is part of SLAB culture in Houston:
Like most automotive hobbies, the Houston SLAB scene starts with the belief that the factory’s work needs improvement... Depreciated American luxury cars are the norm: Cadillacs, Buicks and certain Oldsmobiles are preferred.  Lincolns/Panthers and Chryslers are cool too, even Jaguars and Quattroportes pull it off vis-à-vis distinctly luxurious proportions.  But don’t break your budget on the ride, GM’s W-body is one of the most common platforms for good reason, as costly modifications are necessary to pay homage to the Pimp Riders while advancing the game...
  • Massive stereos....
  • Kitted out power popping trunks, slathered in custom vinyl and personalized phrases in neon/mirrors.
  • Wire wheels much like the Cragar units supplied as OEM for Cadillac in 1983 and 1984, except replacing the fragile tin content with 100% steel. Texan Wire Wheels sells them as “83s” and “84s”, seemingly cornering this niche market...
Discussion at the WTF subreddit, including whether such hubcaps are "street-legal."

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  1. those are legal, if you are driving a chariot, in a race, in the coliseum.


  2. I have seen something like that on 18 wheelers - the front wheels these pointy lug nut covers that extend out past the tire. Here is one example http://www.raneystruckparts.com/lug-nut-covers/

  3. Living, as I now do, close to Houston, I see these fairly often. I also saw, though sadly was unable to photograph, what happens when a driver with these misjudges the distance to a concrete pillar in a parking garage.
    They are a relatively niche market in Houston's car scene, a decent slab with swangas will contain a sound system that can cause avalanches, and an unholy amount of coloured lighting. Probably a dry ice machine too.

    1. The dry ice machine presumably to create a fog? Inside the car? Interesting because that would be liberating carbon dioxide - a potentially asphyxiating gas.

    2. i think the fog would do better outside - the car would look like it is floating on a cloud? or burning rubber while standing still?

      p.s. i do get your CO2 aspect. :-)


  4. When a vehicle's modifications seems to cost more than the blue book value of the outdated vehicle, my sons and I refer to it as a "hoopty."

    I live near Houston and see this often.


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