03 February 2017

More ransomware horror stories

From The Telegraph:
"Computer hackers seized control of the electronic keycard system of a luxury Austrian hotel, releasing it only after a £1,300 ransom was paid... It was the fourth time the 111-year hotel, where suites cost as much as £233 a night, had been targeted by hackers...

“We are planning at the next room refurbishment for old-fashioned door locks with real keys,” said Brandstaetter. “Just like 111 years ago at the time of our great grandfathers.”
Keep this in mind as you install smart appliances and home features.  And this via BoingBoing:
The libraries of St Louis, Missouri have been crippled by a ransomware attack that has shut down the public terminals the library provides to the poor and vulnerable of St Louis, as well as the systems used to process book and material lending (the catalog is on a separate, uninfected system)... According to the library, the criminals managed to infect a centralized computer server, destroying the staff's email system as well.


  1. While being able to lock and unlock your home from your phone seems handy, I've never trusted this idea. If I can access my home from a phone, so can a hacker, or so I've feared.

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  3. Many people in this area don't lock their homes at all figuring that locks only keep out honest people. It is good that none of us have much.


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