17 January 2017

Kate McCormick (1854-1875)

Kate McCormick
Seduced and pregnant by her father's friend
Unwed, she died from abortion, her only choice.
Abandoned in life and death by family.
With but a single rose from her mother.
Buried only through the kindness of unknown benefactors.
 Died Feb.1875 [sic] age 21.
Victim of an unforgiving society
Have mercy on us. 
Res ipsa loquitur.  Details at Amusing (!) Planet.


  1. How tragic! And how kind of someone to make her this memorial.

  2. It took us a century after this to legally prevent this outcome, and maybe now we will return to this tragedy once again.

  3. So many want us to go back to that time. So tragic.

  4. We will NOT go back to that time.I sit here weeping for this tragedy.


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