12 October 2016

World population growth is declining

"...world history can be divided into three periods marked by distinct trends in population growth. The first period (pre-modernity) was a very long age of very slow population growth. The second period, beginning with the onset of modernity (with rising standards of living and improving health) and lasting until 1962, had an increasing rate of growth. Now that period is over, and the third part of the story has begun; the population growth rate is falling and will likely continue to fall, leading to an end of growth towards the end of this century."
Most people don't understand this.   I have presented this concept several times using the outstanding lectures of Hans Rosling.

LOTS more relevant charts at the OurWorldInData website.

1 comment:

  1. I hope this is true, but it seems contrary to everything else I've read. There are simply way too many people in the world right now. It's not sustainable, epecially considering the effects of global warming.


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