29 July 2015

Toddler learning experience

Cropped for size from the original at imgur, via Reddit.

Addendum:  Perhaps he's preparing early for a career as a lab technician:

(This photo is not a joke.  It illustrates a sight-saving technique that anyone working with caustics needs to understand and be ready to implement.)

Photo via Fresh Photons.


  1. Been there, done that, but it was long ago. About once a week in this country some unfortunate child does it with her daddy's gun.

  2. Sorry, there's an eyewash station there?

    1. I also came to the comments section to lower the tone...

  3. doesn't it seem strange that the image of the woman has her top revealingly unzipped and open? Is sex selling even safety instruction images? Is this from the safety eyewash industry equivalent to the old garage calendars or something?


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