03 July 2015

Offered without comment...

Via Reddit.


  1. I don't like the guy either. "Killing us on jobs and tade" however is absolutely verified if you have to produce your own product line in Mexico. There is no contradiction here, but rather it's a confirmation. One might say: "Well, why doesn't his clothing line fight the good fight and produce at home." The reason is corporations may not be like people but they are like flocks of sheep, they must be driven to where the grass is greenest. Politics can fight and create fences for those flocks of sheep, sometimes even literally, corporations aren't made for fighting. Corporations which produce arms are terrifying enough and so are companies that lobby to affect politics. Fighting corps, no thanks.

    On a more abstract plane this is a common fallacy used to paint politicians as hypocrites. However I don't have to be a woman to support women's rights. If I support a war (say in Irak) but don't volunteer for military service, that doesn't make a hypocrite. If i support animal rights and become a vegan, that strengthens my case, but the converse argument that I have to be a vegan to support animal rights doesn't necessary follow.

    1. So let me get this straight...

      When Trump produces his clothing line in Mexico and then claims that "They're killing us on jobs and trade." what you hear is "They're killing us on jobs and trade. Look! Those rapist Mexicans even forced ME to create jobs in their country. I had no choice in the matter!"

      Also, your examples are piss-poor. Complaining about Mexico taking jobs from us and then not opening a clothing factory either here or there is not hypocritical. Complaining about Mexico taking jobs from us while producing clothing there is COMPLETELY hypocritical.

    2. His complaint is that Mexico is taking jobs from us because Mexico does not have to contend with all the regulations the U.S. has - the ones that insist on personal safety, health, humanity, all that crap. It's not about patriotism; it's about corporatism.

    3. @ smittypap,

      You seem to get the gist of what I'm saying and you also interpret what one would assume seeing those two pictures. Then you decide what sounds right. A lot of people use this technique. But unlike logic, this method or reasoning is problematic.

      There is even an ancient Greek school of thought, that says if it sounds convincing, therefore it must be right. It's called sophism and the fallacious arguments (like oversimplification) it produces are called sophistry. Politics often uses sophistry, because it has to communicate complicated stuff to people of all ages and walks of life. My goal was to point out the finer logic. I hope you come to appreciate that your and everyone else's first reaction to these pictures is holding him to unrealistically high standards of integrity. Trump never ever must have taken advantage of say cheap labor, in order to criticize it?

  2. If the last election was won through the Black vote. Perhaps the Mexican vote can be mobilized for the next. Up here in bi-lingual Canada Quebec has huge sway in the political outcome, it always surprises me how the culture of the official second language of the States appears so infrequently to have massive input.

  3. Priceless!

    Remember the crack group of investigators he personally sent to Hawaii to once and for all expose Obama's non-US birth?

    I'm still reeling from (ie- waiting for) that astounding expose...


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