29 July 2015

"Minnesota nice" drivers

"A family of ducks walked across the highway in front of traffic, causing cars to swerve out of their lanes and in front of other vehicles. Fortunately, no accidents happened and the family of ducks safely made it across the road."

The Minnesota State Patrol is advising drivers to not stop for wildlife that may get onto a busy interstate.  State Patrol Lt. Tiffani Neilson says she knows the advice doesn’t sit well with most people, but slamming the brakes could cause a chain-reaction crash.

If a crash had resulted in a death or serious injury due to a driver stopping for a duck or any other animal, that driver could potentially face a criminal charge.


  1. That is the law in Canada

  2. See also "Landscaper [in Florida] Gets Jail Time for Killing Ducks with Lawnmower":



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