29 July 2015

A sikh subjected to "random" searches at airports

Via imgur.


  1. Charming. Reminds me of this classy letter sent to a Sikh family back in 2012. I'm glad this chap remains cheerful about it.

  2. Yeah right. Why would anyone think a sikh might be a terrorist?


    1. One shithead claims that his religion inspires him to blow things up, so we must treat all members of that faith as if they were terrorists? Better get ready for all Christians to be treated that way, then:


      Generalizing all Sikhs, all Muslims, or indeed all Christians to be terrorists is dangerous and wrong.

    2. I didn't know there was precedent, thanks for sharing. This is still profiling, but then again religions that force their subjects to openly display their strict adherence to their particular brand of faith have a problem. Also people who put their piety on display have a problem with priorities and thus are more likely to produce extremists.
      One of those pesky contradictions that religious people accept and never question is that belonging to their faith they are somehow better than others, meanwhile they lament the fact that they are discriminated for belonging to a religious group. When in fact they are being discriminated against for thinking they are better than others and bragging this.

      We must humbly remind ourselves that belonging to a race, conviction or political movement, we are all just scared, hungry, short lived humans first, who share the same ancestors and increasingly merge into one common culture.

  3. Religious profiling: You're doing it wrong. Sikh's aren't even Muslim!


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