06 July 2015

A national movement requires "affirmative consent" for sex

From the StarTribune:
The University of Minnesota is joining a national movement requiring students to obtain “affirmative consent” from their sex partners or risk being ­disciplined for sexual assault.

The policy change, sometimes known as the “yes means yes” rule, has been sweeping college campuses across the country since California passed the first such law last year.

The U’s new rule, which is poised to take effect this month after a 30-day comment period, says that sex is OK only if both parties express consent through “clear and unambiguous words or actions.” Absent that, it would fit the U’s ­definition of sexual assault.

So far, the plan has prompted little dissent at the U. But nationally, critics have derided such policies as absurd and dangerous, particularly when it comes to protecting the rights of the accused...

Hanson, who serves on the presidential policy committee that endorsed the new approach, said she sees it mainly as a teaching tool. “We’re in the education business,” she said. “What this is trying to get students to understand is that silence doesn’t equal consent.”


  1. The Patriot Act for on campus dating?

  2. Affirmative consent is something I've read about and really agree with, but I think the idea for most activists is to make it socially enforced not actually part of disciplinary action.

    A basic overview - If she's not having fun you have to stop

  3. I'm surprised there isn't a list of check-offs:

    1. Straight sex ... yes( ) no( )
    2. Oral ............... yes( ) no( )
    3. Anal .............. yes( ) no( )
    4. B&D .............. yes( ) no( )
    5. NIP ............... yes( ) no( )


    A satirist could go to town on this.


  4. but what about the an Affirmative Consent form showing the Affirmative Consent form for sexual relations was entered without coercion ? And of course an Affirmative Consent form for the Affirmative Consent form for sexual relations would be required.

    So it goes

  5. if either participant should change their mind at any time this form is null and void....

  6. this is a 'safety first guarantee' deja vu all over again! google if you dare or care.


  7. We have turned into a nation of children and lawyers.

  8. Crazy thought: how about we start holding people accountable for the way they treat others, in general? I'm not talking legally, but socially.

  9. The form doesn't allow for change of mind, before, during or after. Or have a use by date.

  10. One can only suppose the people who came up with these rules have never actually had sex.

  11. Or you could just get married and then respect one another.


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