16 August 2014

“And the end of all our exploring/ Will be to arrive where we started/ And know the place for the first time”

"Net neutrality" explained in a cartoon.

An op-ed piece in Time reports that the Iranian sanctions have cost the U.S. "between $134.7 and 175 billion in potential export revenue since 1995."

Here's what happens when you duct tape a GoPro camera to the hubcap of your car.

The Svakom Gaga sex toy vibrator that incorporates a GoPro-type camera; it has a light on the end to allow endoscopic function.  Instructional videos at the link are SFW.

About 5 million Lego pieces fell off a container ship off the coast of Cornwall in 1997.  Ever since then they have been washing up on the beach.

"A tree planted to honor of the memory of the Beatles songwriter George Harrison has been killed by actual beetles."

A boy had 232 teeth removed from his mouth (from an odontoma deep in his lower jaw).

Click here to see an awesome location for a park bench, situated in the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia.  (And click again to embiggify).

Kuriositas has assembled a collection of a dozen photos of Skull Rock - a small island with a massive cave - off the coast of Victoria (sample at right).  Way cool.

Footgolf joins "big-hole golf" as another attempt to save the declining fortunes of the sport of golf.  Video at the link explains that you kick a soccer ball around the golf course to a 21-inch hole.  A round can be played in about an hour, which makes it more attractive to the public than the more prolonged time required for conventional golf.  It also allows golf courses to leverage their acreage into an additional revenue generating sport.

Here's the video showing that ice cream from Walmart doesn't melt in the sun.  It's true. And this article explains why - and why it's not intrinsically bad.

Colorado is tightening the rules on edible marijuana (requiring standardized and better labeled doses) to prevent the accidental overconsumption that has generated some bad press.

A 15-minute video explains how to cut an immense wheel of cheese.

Despite the Ebola crisis, illegal bush meat continues to stream into Europe.  "Researchers discovered 11 different types of bush meat from African forests, including whole sheep and calves that were wrapped in plastic and kept in holdalls during flights."  How does someone carry an entire sheep onto an aircraft in their carryon baggage??

If you have any doubts about how corporations own, read about how Nike reprimanded a college coach because his son wore a sweatshirt made by a different company.  " Can we please ask Jimbo to eliminate that from the son's wardrobe in the future! Let me know if I can help w anything. Thx guys."

Prisoners are asked what view they would like to have from their cell.  Volunteers then photograph that view and create wallpaper-size prints for the prisoners' walls.

If you are like me and enjoy going to estate auctions looking for bargains, you should read about "uranium glass" ("Vaseline glass') and why it is so popular.

A group of photographs stuck together can be separated using a mixture of glycerine and water.

If your name is Collier, here is a detailed explanation of some of your remote ancestors' occupations.

An interview with a man alleged to have the "world's largest penis."  He doesn't do porn; his day job is data entry.  Photo at the link (of his face).

A Reddit thread assembled "the worst jokes ever." ("Two peanuts walk into a bar, and one was a salted." - that kind of joke).

Top photo credit Ross Hamilton of Peebles, Ohio with a hat tip to Ted Sokja for sending it along.  The Great Serpent Mound is one of the wonders of the North American continent, a massive logistical and awesome artistic achievement that has graced our landscape for about three millennia.


  1. Some interesting new evidence shows Serpent Mound is much older than thought - same age as Aristotle.

  2. "How does someone carry an entire sheep onto an aircraft in their carryon baggage?"

    Er, that should be, "carrion" baggage?

  3. I have a better analogy I use to explain why we need net neutrality. What if you wanted to have a pizza delivered. So you call Pizza Hut. The connection is really bad. They can't hear you, and keep getting disconnected. So you give up and call Dominos. The connection is clear and your order goes through.

    Then one day you discover that your phone company owns Dominos Pizza.
    Or another scenario. You found out that your Phone company was charging Dominos extra to allow your calls to get through to them.

    Would you be outraged. I would hope so. The only reason this doesn't happen today is because it is illegal for your phone company to discriminate this way. I can guarantee that they would do this if they could.

    Your ISP is no different than your phone company. You don't want AT&T telling you what companies or people you can or can't call. So why would you let your ISP do that for the sites and services you visit?


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