28 March 2014

Bigăr waterfall, Romania

Located here.  Photo via Reddit.


  1. Of all the jewels in nature's chest, I do love waterfalls the best.

    Beautiful falls. It looks like it is rather blocked in with a road bridge and catwalk. Found several videos of it, but this one was better:

    Another waterfall-centric place I want to see in that general part of the world is Plitvička National Park in Croatia:


    Someday, when I'm fabulously wealthy, I'll make a tour of the world just to look at waterfalls.

    1. I quite agree with you on Plitvička, of which I've seen (and blogged?) photos.

      If you never gain that fabulous wealth, a fallback plan would be to visit the waterfalls of the Appalachian mountains in the U.S. I used to live in Lexington, and hiked the parks of Eastern Kentucky, with a trip or two to Great Smoky, and saw some memorable waterfalls there, especially if you time it with the snowmelt and spring ephemeral flowers, or with the autumnal foliage changes.

  2. Stan, I've seen a few of the falls around Asheville, NC and in the Great Smokys. Would love to see others along the Appalachians. I need to drive the scenic park roads, too.
    Headed to the Four Corners this summer and will see some old waterfall friends in the Colorado Rockies in the San Juans.
    Nature's forms are all beautiful, but waterfalls are in action all the time while contained within an overall static form – kind of like they are alive.

  3. This is a short clip I made about this topic: http://youtu.be/WrJWCoVlM6E, not subtitled in English, but images are translated in English too :)


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