29 November 2010

Food court Hallelulah Chorus

A performance in a Welland, Ontario shopping mall.

Found at Sound and Fury.


  1. That was nice but for some reason I was expecting Leonard Cohen.

  2. Binho (from Brazil)November 29, 2010 at 8:17 PM

    just a word:

  3. There is nobody present other than the singers. A lot of the other people are friends and family brought in for the event. That took place in our local mall, it is deserted even during Christmas. Dishonesty is something that doesn't sit well with me and that was nothing but a staged advertising event.

    That said the singers were fantastic! Support your local chorus!

  4. Thanks, anon. I've taken "flash mob" out of the title and corrected the text.

  5. Only white christians could pull that off. If it were any racialized or non-christian group, people would have hit the floor and the mall would have been locked down.

  6. the "anon" is a boring boy(girl)

    listen the music and we must keep our mouth shut

    It´s a epic moment

  7. How can you not like this? Their voices were beautiful!


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