23 November 2010

The earliest-known Monopoly game set

Now being offered as Lot 232 in a sale by Sotheby's of the toy collection of Malcomb Forbes.  This is a handmade set from 1933...
This is the earliest Darrow set known to survive, the only one of circular shape, and the earliest to include rules. Complete game-set, handmade by Charles B. Darrow in Philadelphia about 1933, containing more than 200 pieces, including the manuscript playing-surface, pen-and-ink and gouache on a circular piece of off-white oilcloth (33 1/2 in. diameter); the carbon typescript rules-sheet; and the playing-cards and -pieces (typescript deeds, typescript draw-cards, hotels and houses, bank-notes, and tokens). Partially displayed in a lucite case.
Yours for an (estimated) $60-80,000.

Via Dinosaurs and Robots.


  1. My McAfee antivirus software rates Dinosaurs and Robots as an unsafe website to visit, FYI.

  2. That's interesting, because it's maintained by Mark Frauenfelder, one of the BoingBoing authors. I wonder if that was a false positive, or perhaps McAfee sensed a bad advertisement on the site.


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