27 September 2008

One-legged driver illegally used disabled parking space

Amanda Watson, 31, was caught using her daughter's pass to park. Although eligible for her own Blue Badge, she never applied. She parked... and was seen by an inspector placing the Blue Badge in the windscreen.

When she was challenged, the inspector found the badge had been issued to one of Miss Watson's daughters, aged nine and 12, who both have severe learning difficulties. They have to be present if the badge is used to park in a disabled space.

… chairman of the bench John Bulger, told her: "First and foremost we have to say it was right and proper for the case to be brought to court because abuse of the Blue Badge is a major issue."
It's good to hear that the British court system has lots of free time that they can expend on crucial cases such as this.

Full credit to Arbroath, which has an uncanny ability to spot manifestations of rampant bureaucracy (or else and abundance of cases to choose from)

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