30 September 2008

Menu for The Last Supper

In the Winter 2008 issue of Gastronomica is an article, "At Supper with Leonardo," which discusses the tableware and the food which may have been depicted on the table in DaVinci's portrayal of the Last Supper. What is depicted by Leonardo doesn't, of course, represent what was actually eaten, since the Bible doesn't provide such details. But it may offer some insight into DaVinci himself.

The author suggests that one plate on the table holds "sections of grilled eel garnished with orange slices." Eels (anguilla) were apparently popular in Renaissance Italy, for the very practical reason that they could be transported live out of water for days.

More details and discussion at the original article (scroll down at the magazine table of contents for a link to a pdf file).

(Found at BoingBoing)

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