24 September 2008

Losing freedom of speech

This happened months ago; I had encountered stories and still images on the web, but had not seen a video until this morning.

A 61-year-old librarian is asked to leave a public place and threatened with arrest because she is carrying a piece of paper with a statement about McCain and Bush.

The man in the background dressed like a "peas-in-a-pod" beanpod gives a hint of what the security detail had to deal with and does elicit some sympathy for their position. It might even be understandable that they would prevent this lady from entering the "town hall meeting," but I cannot see their ticketing her for "trespassing" and removing her from a public (city plaza) place.

The security staff and police officers are polite, but the process is disturbing.

To be fair and balanced about this, the Obama campaign has also protested about public opposition to their candidate (WGN giving air time to an Obama critic).

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