24 September 2008

Led Zeppelin displace Beatles as World's #1 Group

Historic British television footage from 1970, including an interview with Robert Plant.

It's amazing, for those of us who "remember" 1970, to see how different it was then (or at least how different television was...)

??should that read Led Zeppelin "displaces" - is it singular or plural?


  1. In Britain, a collective noun is considered plural. In the U.S., a collective noun is considered singular. So in England, 'displace' is correct; in the U.S., 'displaces' is correct.

  2. Thanks, R.P.
    I do understand that Parliament are in session but Congress is in session.

    But for rock groups it's still a little unclear for me, because some names are clearly plural (BeeGees, Eagles, Rascals, Beatles) and some apparently singular (and thus perhaps collective), such as Traffic, Queen, Santana, Cream.

    I tried Wiki, which led me from "collective nouns" to "mass nouns" to "count nouns." I guess this is why the world has copyeditors.


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