19 September 2008

"... emotional distress over the damaged umbrella"

Nello Balan, a Manhattan restaurateur, sued a supermodel claiming she intentionally damaged his designer umbrella, said to be worth $5,000.

But State Supreme Court Justice Joan A. Madden threw out Nello Balan’s lawsuit Friday. She also fined Balan’s attorney $500 for filing a frivolous claim and said motions the attorney filed were a “waste of judicial resources.”

Balan claimed he lent supermodel Le Call his limited-edition leather umbrella designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier and she belatedly returned it to him in two pieces.

Balan, owner of the celeb magnet Nello’s, sought $1 million in the lawsuit and claimed emotional distress over the damaged umbrella.

(Text credit to The New Shelton Wet/Dry. Image credit here (it's not THE umbrella - just A broken umbrella. He should have loaned her an unbreakable "self-defense umbrella.")

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