01 March 2008

Requesting the Right to Die

... former school teacher Chantal Sebire, 52, begged for the right to end the "atrocious" suffering inflicted on her by the disease which has rendered her face unrecognisable because of growing tumours.

"An animal would not be allowed to endure what I have to endure," she said from her home in central France, asking French media and Mr Sarkozy to allow her a dignified death.

She suffers from a rare disease called esthesioneuroblastoma, which attacks the nasal cavity. It has left her blind and has robbed her of almost all other senses, leaving her in terrible pain.

"In 2000, I lost my sense of smell and taste, and then the tumour evolved and ate into my jaws, before attacking the eye socket. I lost my sight in October last year," she said.

The disease causes "atrocious bouts of pain that can last up to four hours at a time".

(Any commentary by me would be superfluous. Original story at this Australian website; cited in A Welsh View yesterday.)

Addendum: See this post for information about Ms. Sebire's eventual death.


  1. omg god thats so sad she sooo ugly

  2. I realize this is an old post, but I came across it while searching for a photo for a post I am writing about a great uncle who's wife helped him die, then tried to kill herself. This poor woman. Suffering is a deep and complicated matter.

  3. Your comment reminded me that I should have updated the post with the later information re her death. Done. Tx.


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