19 March 2008

My predictions for the NCAA tournament

One topic that will not be prominently featured in this blog is sports. But the annual basketball tournament is an exceptional event. When I lived in Kentucky I used to be quite good at predicting in the office pools. The tournament starts tomorrow, so herewith my forecast (text form - couldn't download an editable image of the brackets):

Sweet Sixteen: NC, Washington State, Louisville, Tennessee, Kansas, Villanova, Wisconsin, Davidson, Memphis, Michigan State, Marquette, Texas, UCLA, Western KY, Xavier, W. Virginia.

Elite Eight: NC, Louisville, Kansas, Wisconsin, Memphis, Texas, UCLA, Xavier

Final Four: North Carolina, Kansas, Memphis, UCLA.

Championship: Kansas to beat Memphis. Tiebreaker 155 points total in game.

Biggest upset: Davidson (10) over Georgetown (2)

Does anyone reading this blog really care about my predictions? Probably not. But I'm going to use this to illustrate a point about blogs and the internet when the tournament is completed.

1 comment:

  1. Are you impressed? 15 out of the Sweet Sixteen, 7 out of Elite 8, and correct thereafter? I set this up to illustrate the trickiness of the 'net, because blogs allow you to change original entries without revealing a revision date. As the tournament went along I just changed my wrong choices to correct ones to make my predictions look better. Remember this when reading a blog with investment advice etc...

    But the reverse irony is that on the original I had 3 of final 4 and was correct with Kansas over Memphis and within 11 points on tiebreaker. That would have won some pools for me in past years. Darn. Need to locate a pool next year.


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