08 February 2018

An early sign of spring

Signs of spring are latitude-dependent.  Up here in the still-frozen north (a two-week stretch with daily high temps below freezing) we are still ankle-deep in snow with another 4" due tonight.  My phenology calendar shows another week before we can expect the earliest robin to arrive.

But this morning our local Farm and Fleet had a newly-set-up and freshly-stocked rack of veggie seeds as a reminder that it won't be long...


  1. two days after christmas, i saw easter stuff at the dollar store. along with (saint) valentine's day stuff.


  2. It is quite annoying that stores tend to be a full season ahead of reality. Not only garden centers, but also clothing stores and sportswear stores. Result: You need a replacement for a Halloween decoration? Good luck finding one between the Christmas lights. Need a pair of swimming trunks in summer? Good luck finding it between the winter sweaters. My pet-peeve is that store clerks will say there is no demand for the item you're expressing demand for (because you're in season!).

  3. Garden planning (and dreaming) is what gets me through February.

    1. Miss Cellania - I am with you on that one, Sister!


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