04 July 2016

Beautiful horse

"The horse is an Akhal-Teke, which is known for its shiny, metallic coat... It was bred and guarded by Turkmenistan tribesmen in the deserts of Kara Kum, and it was only “discovered” by the modern era in 1881 when Turkmenistan was annexed by the Russian Empire. They are very sporty and the breed is found on the national emblem of Turkmenistan. Sadly, there are only about 1,250 of these horses remaining.


  1. Not sure what the source is for 1,250 of the horses remaining. A 2012 worldwide census came up with 6,600 (http://www.shael-teke.ru/en/publications/30/), and the Akahl-Teke Association of America's 2015 annual report says they're seeing an increase in the number of Akahl-Teke horses competing in various equine sports (http://www.akhal-teke.org/annual-reports.html). It's a rare breed that needs some deliberate attention to keep from dying out, but they're making progress.

  2. That horse is w work of art--he's amazingly beautiul.

  3. The metallic color is common. It's called 'palomino' and is found all over the world.

    But the horse is indeed beautiful. :)


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