14 July 2016

Questions about the Clinton Foundation

Excerpts from an interview with Michael Hudson, a Distinguished Research Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri, Kansas City :
"...the military-industrial complex is one of the big contributors to the Clinton Foundation, as is Saudi Arabia, and many of the parties who are directly affected by her decisions [as Secretary of State]. Now, my guess is what she didn’t want people to find out, whether on Freedom of Information Act or others, are the lobbying she’s doing for her own foundation, which in a way means her wealth, her husband’s wealth, Bill Clinton’s wealth, and the power that both of them have by getting a quarter billion dollars of grants into the foundation during her secretary of state... We don’t have any evidence one way or the other. So certainly there is no evidence. There is only the appearance of what looks to me to be an inherent conflict of interest with the foundation...

The advantage of being under charitable law is it’s in a foundation that–you can look at it in effect as your savings account. And you can treat it–you can do with a foundation whatever you want... This isn’t money that comes into them that goes into an offshore account in Switzerland or the Cayman Islands. It’s hidden in plain sight. It’s all the foundation. It’s tax-exempt. It’s legitimate...

... there’s no direct link between the foundation that says it’s existing to promote various social purposes, and Hillary’s actions as secretary of state. But there’s such overlap there. I can’t think of any public official at cabinet level or above, in memory who’s ever had an overlapping between a foundation that they had and had control, personally, and their public job. So there’s never been so great a blurring of categories..."
The rest of the interview is at the not-politically-neutral website Counterpunch.


  1. I've given up on both Democrat and Republican parties this season. I've decided to waste my vote on the Johnson/Weld ticket. At least I can vote with a clear conscience. I've read his positions, nothing outrageous or I can't live with.

    I look at this way. No matter who gets in the White House in 2017, Congress won't work with them, and they won't work with Congress. Its gonna be gridlock. So I might as well vote for someone who at least seems to have a shred of dignity.

    1. I hear you Ron. I'm a conservative who will be voting for Johnson/Weld as a protest vote. I cannot in good conscience vote for either of the other choices.

  2. "Look, I'm not saying there's a connection between MMR and autism. But, you know, there's autism. And there's MMR vaccinations. I mean, draw your own conclusions."



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