24 July 2016

How to blow a cow

I learned about this subject matter from a recent podcast of No Such Thing as a Fish:
Cow blowing, Kuhblasen, phooka, or doom dev, is a process used in many countries according to ethnographers, in which forceful blowing of air into a cow's vagina (or sometimes anus) is applied to induce her to produce more milk.

Cow blowing was the reason why Gandhi abjured cow milk, saying that "since I had come to know that the cow and the buffalo were subjected to the process of phooka, I had conceived a strong disgust for milk."
A brief search yielded a video of the process.   Frankly, I don't find the maneuver any more disgusting than American presidential politics, but in recognition of the more refined sensibilities of some of this blog's readers, I'll place the video below the fold:


  1. Much more refined than our politics.

  2. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

  3. The practical joker who first told his cattleman neighbor that this works died laughing before he could reveal the ruse. Thus a centuries-old tradition was born.

    Now off to get that Snipe I hear rustling in those weeds.

  4. Remember the Italian spaghetti harvests?


    1. Yes - and the flying penguins:


      - but the cow-blowing is not a hoax.

  5. I wonder how one discovers such a tactic?


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