28 March 2023

The Gloucester Tree is a fire-lookout tree

The Gloucester Tree is a giant karri tree in the Gloucester National Park of Western Australia.

At 58 metres in height, it is the world's second tallest fire-lookout tree (second only to the nearby Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree), and visitors can climb up to a platform in its upper branches for views of the surrounding karri forest. It is owned by the Shire of Manjimup.
More information at the link.  I just learned yesterday that a friend of mine has climbed to the top of this tree.   Congratulations, Olie.

Here's a video (real-time, not compressed), thankfully without irrelevant music and with minimal narration:

There is no way I would ever climb this behemoth.  It just keeps going and going...  (and there could be drop bears up there)


  1. First! (And I climbed it as well). There's also a tree-top-walk not that far away, in the 'Valley of the Giants'.

  2. Appreciate the lack of intrusive music, but can't say I enjoyed the incessant heavy breathing, lol

  3. I'm guessing getting back to the bottom must have been an interesting trip!

  4. I don't think that kind of tree ladder would ever happen here in the States. Imagine a rebar spiral going up a redwood or a giant sequoia?