21 November 2018

Enchroma glasses

If you need something to feel thankful for on Thanksgiving, just be thankful that you have normal color vision.  Then watch the joy this man experiences when he receives Enchroma glasses.

Note - that video has undergone linkrot over the past five years, but there are many more posted on YouTube.

Related: Adaptive glasses for colorblind people.

Note:  They cost about $300.

Addendum:  A hat tip to reader Vetzakske for reporting an article at Neurologica which discusses the limitations of Enchroma glasses.


  1. My son got these a few years ago. We *all* cried.

  2. Here's a report about a study of glasses like this.
    This study pretty much concludes that these glasses change color perception, but not really improve it.

    1. That's an excellent article. I've added the link to the post. Thanks, Vetzakske.


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