24 April 2019

Rami Malek and Freddy Mercury - side by side

Rami Malek is said to have viewed Queen's Live Aid show 1,500 times while he was preparing to re-enact the performance.


  1. Queen is great and all. But the Docu-drama is a much better format for these historical biopic type productions. You know where they cut actual footage and dramatization. It's still jarring to watch no matter how much googly-eyed short stuff tries.
    Hollywood can kindly sod off. That is a boring, terrible movie, though perhaps this is unfair to say, since I never bothered to finish watching it.

    They also needed to double down on that light blue jeans crotch bulge, not sanitize it away. Instead they overdid it with the teeth and terrible editing, the added annoying crowd/and reaction shots just make people self-conscious.

    Just re-watch "Coal Miner's Daughter" instead.

    1. I quite disagree. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. But I do agree Coal Miner's Daughter is excellent.


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