03 September 2018

A list of notable Norwegian Americans

James Arness
James Cagney
Jimmy Fallon
Bob Fosse
Peter Graves
Melanie Griffith
Gypsy Rose Lee
Virginia Mayo
Robert Mitchum
Marilyn Monroe
Priscilla Presley
Sally Struthers
Robert Wagner
Renee Zellweger
The Andrews Sisters
Jackson Browne
F. Melius Christiansen
Peggy Lee
Grace Slick
Tom Waits
Lance Armstrong
Sonja Henie
Sonny Jurgensen
Knute Rockne
Jan Stenerud
Lindsey Vonn
Babe Didrikson Zaharias
Jeff Bezos
Conrad Hilton, Jr.
Matt Groening
Charles M. Schulz
Eric Sevareid
Hubert Humphrey
Walter Mondale
Al Quie
Ole Evinrude
Sally Ride
Eliot Ness

Extracted from a huge list at Wikipedia.


  1. Do you perchance speak any norsk? Takk!

    1. Jeg kan lese litt norsk, men ikke snakke det.



    2. I've read this blog when I could over the last decade, but apparently missed those posts. My wife and I will be biking through Scandinavia over the course of next summer, and I'll report back if we make it to the Distad area.

      Thank you, as always, for you thoughtful, high-quality posts!

    3. Matt, I'm sure you know you can plan your bike trip with YouTube videos like this one -


    4. I great video, thanks! I already spend probably an unhealthy amount of time "Street View touring"; my wife is constantly warning me not to spoil myself by having seen it all already before seeing it in person. It's astounding to me just how much of the world at this point is covered by Google, including even the insides of museums and galleries.

  2. When I think about it this isn't at all surprising. In spite of knowing only a little Norwegian history (although I did pick up a bit of the language from a coworker) I can think of three notable Norwegians off the top of my head--Grieg, Munch, and Hamsun*--which makes me think there's something very special about Norway.
    *I realize Hamsun had appalling political views but he was a brilliant writer.


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