20 December 2017

Divertimento #141

A gifdump today because it's faster than a regular linkdump (I just received a game of Civilization V as an early present and it's a major timesuck).

A man jumps across a street.

Behold the Golden Pheasant (awesome color).

The beauty of an ocean wave.

The port of Amsterdam during a "sail festival."

Street art created with hydrophobic materials.

Ferrero gears.

This is one man in a costume.


He pushed when he should have pulled.

Not sure how to describe this.

How an airplane escape slide inflates.

Machine vs. people.

This machine makes rolls of turf.

This development is called Interlace (it's in Singapore).

This competition is called "bouldering."

This is what happens when you wrap a watermelon with rubberbands.

Another invisible box.

During the California wildfires, this man stopped his car to rescue a rabbit.

A wedding oops.

Tornado wrecks the inside of this building.

Candy floss maker loves his job.

Some people are not afraid of heights.  Some people are.

The fine control of a glassmaker's torch.

Lacemaking with bobbins.

Red stripes on a white cane have a special meaning.  Good to know.


Safe at home.

Wrestling judge on the move.

Football catch of the year.

From the tumbling world championships, 2015.

Pets and animals:

Dog rescues cat.

Cat rescues a puppy.

A golden retriever protects her puppy.

Cape gannets diving.

Amazingly camouflaged bird (common potoo)

Canada Goose stands its ground against cows.

Lion very happy to see a friend.

Lion cub learns about floating vegetation.

Bird swallows a fish.  A large fish.

An octopus instantly matches the color of the floor of a boat.

Dog hugs his owner after surgery.

Dog at a waterpark.

And I have to finish with the worst chocolate fountain ever.

Today's embedded images are photos of seeds, from a gallery at The Washington Post.  Identities and credits at the link.


  1. Not actual tatting; it is bobbin lace-making,

  2. Thanks for these! I don't know how many boring gifs you have to watch to find the good ones for your posts, but thank you!

  3. Thank you... was able to fill a lazy holiday classroom hour sharing Divertimento Greatest Hits!

    1. I've been on both sides of the lectern in pre-holiday classes. Kudos to you for going "extra-curricular" for the content.

  4. "not sure how to describe this" — well, it would make a lovely screensaver.

  5. What an unfortunate chocolate fountain. I wonder if someone added water to the melted chocolate and it seized up?


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