01 December 2016

Puckish humor

While other heads of state aspire to regal magnificence, Queen Elizabeth remains a bit different in that regard.  This photo reminded me of my favorite story about her.  It was told by one of her former "protection officers."  He  had accompanied her to a public gathering in the area of Balmoral, not far from one of her castles.

The Queen was dressed informally while visiting a flower show or such.  While there she fell into conversation with some American tourists, one of whom asked her if she "lived around here." She told the lady that she did in fact have a place nearby.

The lady then asked eagerly whether she  had ever met the queen.  After a moment's consideration she replied (truthfully) "No..."  Then, pointing at her protection officer she said, "But HE has!"


  1. There's another story about an occasion when the Queen visited a shop in Balmoral. A tourist approached her and said, "you look just like the Queen." To which the Queen replied, "how reassuring."

  2. that is why i have shunned fame - i just don't have the good comebacks like those there!



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