11 October 2016

Self-defense ?

Via the Enough Trump Spam subreddit, where the image credit was attributed to Imgur user, FayeKalius.  The image may be a composite; if the hand positions have been Photoshopped, I'll take the post down, but a Google Image search shows other similar photos.

Addendum:  a tip of the blogging hat to reader The First for locating other images from the second debate to confirm that the arm positions are not Photoshopped.  Example here.


  1. look at the shadows, not all the same are they

  2. used for stage lighting, are lights from many directions. (Why are we talking like Yoda?)

  3. Hmmm.. wonder when the picture was taken?

    I figured it would be when his whole family was on stage with him at the RNC (Republican National Convention). However, that's not the case

    If you type Trump Family RNC into Google images for example, you get lots of pictures of his family. However, the dresses on the females are quite different colors.

    Here's one for comparision


    I *suspect* with no solid proof, that the picture might be photoshopped. There are multiple pictures of the Trump family females with their hands clasped in front of them. But none of them with all of them standing like that.

    And seriously.. the subcontext of this picture is to accuse a major presidential candidate of incest? I don't care who it is (and I am not a Trump supporter) but that's a huge nasty connotation ...

    Incidentally I am a believer that this year, "none of the above" would win in a landslide if it was on the ballot.

  4. The images are from the second debate by the AP photographer and not photoshopped. It's actually a common way for them to stand, contrary to the naysayers:







    Here they are with both arms and legs crossed in the "double-defensive" position:


    1. Thank you so much. I've appended one of your links to the body of the post.

  5. It probably has more to do with being uncomfortable in front of the national spotlight and being taught that that's the "proper" way for a lady to stand than anything more sinister than that.


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