26 October 2016

How to make a "squirrel burger"

As explained at the Twin Cities Pioneer Press:
The meat grinder tenderizes even tough squirrel meat that might otherwise require at least 45 minutes of braising before becoming tender.

A ground patty (or meatball) isn’t off-putting for dinner guests often weirded out by a squirrel’s hind quarter (even though it looks a lot like a chicken drummy to me).

Lastly, it’s delicious. Squirrel has a distinct, nutty flavor. I don’t find it strong, but for those who do, a bun, cheese and condiment — and possibly even a mixture of another ground meat — can easily “dilute” the flavor...

You can get more meals than you might think. Two grays gave me five 1/4 pound patties with enough meat left on the carcass and bones to obtain one shredded squirrel sandwich, or salad, after simmering said remaining scraps until tender and pulling with fingers.
Preparation details at the link.


  1. I personally go for red squirrels. Not to eat, but to get rid of them destructive buggers.

  2. never liked squirrel as a kid, but all we had were scrawny red squirrels in upstate New York. Mom usually made stew with it.


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