05 October 2016

How (not) to tow an unevenly distributed load

I presume this video was originally created to illustrate for U-Haul renters why their heaviest items should be loaded in the front of the trailer.  Here in the upper Midwest, it's a good object lesson for the legions of people hauling boats to and from the lake on weekends.


  1. Thanks for getting back for us! I did want to comment that your title here might confuse some. When loading a trailer, you will want more weight toward the front of the axle. Certainly not all of the weight, but enough that the weight on the towing vehicle is more that the weight behind the trailer axle (acting as a lever, trying to lift the towing vehicle). This video gives a good description of what would easily become a disaster.

  2. especially true with the gigantoristic outboard engines on some of the boats.


  3. It reminds me of the chaotic motion of a double pendulum.


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