26 August 2016

The Trump campaign in Colorado

You can't make this up:
Weston Imer, a 12-year-old living in Colorado, is running operations for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in one of the state’s most populous counties.

Technically, Imer’s mother, Laurel Imer, is the official field coordinator for the Trump office in Jefferson County, Colorado. But her son, the co-chair for the Jefferson County Trump campaign, has taken a large share of the responsibility in persuading people to vote, according to KDVR, a local news station...

Imer’s mother said working for the campaign was a good introduction to the U.S. political process for her son before he goes back to school this fall.

“You have a responsibility to your children to teach them,” she said.
Colorado is not a lock for either candidate; it's "leaning towards Clinton" in the most recent polls.

1 comment:

  1. If he's not getting paid there is no violation of child labor laws, eh?


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