21 July 2016

Photo from last night's convention

Laura Ingraham salutes a photo of Donald Trump.

Video of her presentation and the gesture. Social media reaction at Esquire.

Via the Pics subreddit.


  1. Seriously? You’re going to take a lame wave to the crowd (obvious from the linked video), pull a single frame from it and call it a “salute” to Trump?

    If you’re going to do that..

    Crowd giving Obama the same Salute.. (And yes, this was Obama asking the crowd a question and for them to put up their hands if this was true.. Again, this was a selected single frame taken out of context.)

    Here’s one of Hillary

    Bernie doing a "salute"

    and a better one on Trump...

    And of course Obama again

    Prime Minister of Israel (!)

    Merkel of Germany

    These are all bogus I'll note.. but if you can pick and chose from video and pictures to put just about any public leader in an embarrassing pose.

    1. they are ALL Nazis! I knew it!

      Watching the video, that was not a 'salute'. And I don't even care for the woman and I certainly don't like anything about Trump. I'm surprised you posted it as such, Stan. You are usually much more discerning.

  2. I take issue with Anonymous. Trump has used this raised arm salute, which is quite different from an arm raised toward the vertical. It's a classic fascist salute, and it's one (just one) of the reasons that a possible Trump presidency scares me to the core.

  3. :-) Cantcha tell that they are blessing the crowds? :-) Genuflect and receive grace. :-)

  4. Are you kidding Anonymous? That was a brief but intentional gesture that SO closely resembled a Nazi salute that it was frightening. It was nothing like the plethora of very different hand gestures you linked to (i.e, Obama's with the gentle open hand that is typically used for blessings or the hand one way, head turned the other by the Israeli prime minister.) No, that steely eyed stare under that bleached blond hair, the firm angle of the salute, including the snap of the elbow, was a VERY different and very ominous thing.

  5. Is Hillary making a NAZI salute here: http://www.thedailyrash.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Hillary-salute-2.jpg

  6. I don't know, can we see a video of it, like we have with Ingraham? And is she directing it at the obscenely large portrait of her dream father figure/dear leader as Laura is?

  7. We have so many challenges facing us, so many difficult choices to make about how to move our nation successfully into the future.

    But never mind that! Let's spend three days arguing about whether Laura Ingraham gave a Nazi salute for 0.25 of a second! Yippee!

    Don't get me wrong. I am deeply repulsed by the regressive policies and cynical politics of the other side. But when I see how easy it is to distract those on our side who should know better from the serious work that lies in front of us. . . THAT is when I really weep for our future.


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