11 April 2016

I didn't even know there is a need for a "yacht-transporting ship"

The transport vessel partially submerges itself so that the superyacht can be floated on board.


  1. There's an entire class of ships which are designed to carry other ships as cargo. Many of these are "flo/flo" or "float-on/ float-off" ships. They are also known as semi-submergible ships since they take on water until their main deck is below the water line, so cargos can be floated onto them. They're commonly used to carry oversized cargos, of things like disabled other ships needing to be transported for repair, but which shouldn't be towed, or very oversized loads such as large oil platforms.

    It's very common for these large ships to be used to carry multiple smaller ships, such as numbers of sail boats, or smaller vessels being delivered. Here's one being used to deliver a number of pleasure boats


    Here's another carrying a variety of smaller ships

  2. A vivid example of the gap between the wealthy and the not, without be sullied by the not wealthy.
    I am a relatively intelligent bloke with an I.Q. rating placing me in the genius echelon of humanity (for what that result is worth though, I don't know) but, even with that burden of so called smarts, I can't afford a kyack, let alone any super yacht that needs transporting across the seas.
    I blame my children, and the fact I had them young and actually cared for them rather than being all ambitious and money hungry.
    Maybe I got it wrong ?, hard to know, I seem pretty happy.
    I like the mechanics of ballast tanks being filled and emptied.

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  3. I agree with William Rocket on this. It reminds me of the old definition of fox hunting as the unspeakable in search of the inedible.

  4. It's exactly the same rationale as transporting a car by flatbed.


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