04 January 2015

Maria Merian - 17th century butterfly illustrator

Both Quigley's Cabinet and Brain Pickings have recently offered reviews of a new children's book - Summer Birds - about the life and work of Maria Merian.
In Merian’s time, people considered insects evil and found the “supernatural” process of metamorphosis particularly ominous, believing it was witchcraft that transformed the insect from one state to another.  By meticulous and attentive observation, Merian proved that the process was very much a natural one, and beautifully so. She was only thirteen.
More information at the links. Image from Wikipedia.


  1. Paintings like that at 13? Not only was she a born scientist, she was a gifted artist!

  2. I have now ordered two copies of the linked children's book. Thank you for bringing my attention to this wonderful story!


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