27 December 2014

Flexible paper sculptures

The pretty lady stands behind a sculpted bust.  Then she does something incredible (click on the instagram gif at the link to animate it).
To make his sculptures Li uses a stencil to paste glue in narrow strips across large pieces of paper that he then sticks together to form blocks of 500.

He stacks the blocks to the desired height -- an average bust is over ten blocks or 5,000 sheets of paper high -- then cuts, chisels and sands the large block just as if it were a piece of soft stone.
The process is explained and illustrated in this video:


  1. I love this website, but I purposefully ignore links that are written like click bait. Most things posted to this blog are insightful and engaging. "Then she did something incredible" smacks quite a lot of that "one weird trick" and its uninspired ilk.

    1. I wrote it that way because I'm a bit of a techno-noob and could not figure out how to embed the gif. I had to take a screencap from the gif and embed that and then offer a link to the gif with a sentence that would encourage readers to click it.

      TYWKIWDBI does not and has never had any commercial links or monetary incentives to generate clicks anywhere.

    2. It is not actually a gif but an mp4 video. The direct URL of the video, obtainable by viewing the page source on Instagram, is http://videos-d-16.ak.instagram.com/hphotos-ak-xap1/t50.2886-16/10318098_396012863881676_1571747480_n.mp4

      You can embed it in a post using the HTML5 video tag, as explained here.

    3. bucaneer, how does one "view page source" ? (remember, my cyberskills are those of a typical English major...)

    4. Most modern browsers (Firefox and Chrome at least) have an "Inspect element" option in the right-click context menu - it opens a panel with the HTML code that makes up the webpage. The URL you want may not always be in the highlighted line, but it won't be far away either - in this Instagram case, it's a couple lines above when you "Inspect" the video.


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