26 September 2014

Norwegian landscape

Image credit Yury Pustovoy, whose remarkable photographs are assembled here.


  1. I went driving around central and western Norway earlier this year. Amazing place. Even the photos I took from the roadside with my iPhone are stunning. Seriously. It is hard to take a bad photo there.

  2. Replies
    1. Au contre (sp?), to me the houses help MAKE the photo, not ruin it.

    2. Looks like Macdonalds in Paradise. Wake up Dabris.

    3. Rosemary: Those houses mean that people LIVE there with that stunning scenery everyday. It also means that this is not out in the middle of nowhere that takes hours time and lots of trouble to get to, but is literally in someones backyard. Big difference.

  3. So sorry, where do the waste and septic products end up.....?

    1. No apologies necessary; it's a valid question. I backtracked on the source of the photo, which appears to be taken at the fishing/tourist town of Reine. Reviews from visitors -


      - included comments on the nice toilets. I suppose the main community has a central septic system. The isolated cabins might have chemical toilets or composting toilets of some kind.


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