12 May 2014

Conchita Wurst of Austria wins the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest

"As well as being a singer and television personality, Conchita Wurst has become a fashion icon. Almost every Facebook photo includes a list of designers responsible for her outfits...

There have been petitions in Russia and Belarus to have the song blocked from the broadcast because it is ‘unnatural’. The view of most European nations however is that freedom of expression and freedom of speech are at the cornerstone of democracy and of the Eurovision Song Contest..."
Text from Metro, via The Dish, where Andrew Sullivan pondered how well Conchita Wurst would do on American Idol.


  1. Hi Stan: I am always struck by the fact that society accepts men in drag far more easily when the purpose is humour (milton Berl, Monty Python, Dame Edna), but not when the cross dressing is of a sexual nature. Rock on, Conchita!

  2. Well, cannot help smiling. Old stuff in old tube but now a Christ - figure. Ok, why not?


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