27 February 2014

The archaeology of personal and feminine hygiene

From the Chrysalis Archaeology Blog:
Our excavations of City Hall Park have recently uncovered artifacts involving female hygiene, including implements used for sexual healthcare... Vaginal syringes, like those we found in our City Hall excavation, were used discreetly in order to maintain health, treat venereal disease and prevent pregnancy...

In 1935, a major advancement was made in toilet paper. By this time, the American population had already ditched corncobs, newspaper pages, leaves, and mussel shells for what we consider modern toilet paper. But it wasn’t until this year that Northern Tissue advertised the first “splinter-free” toilet paper.


  1. You don't know about the 3 seashells?

  2. I've read several times about that "splinter-free" breakthrough and I can't help believing it's a joke.

  3. 3 seashells = from the movie 'demolition man' = set in the FUTURE. Not the past.


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