22 January 2014

Grace in Canada's bookcase

"Though more "assorted stacks" than organized library, the bookshelf closet in my childhood-bedroom-come-study came to mind. Predominately reference books and assorted curiosities it is but one of the many book nooks located around our house."
"Barely visible in the upper left is my favourite in the stash and the only on this shelf that are not reference. Three miniature books of prayer rest under a kitsch figurine of a monkey who sits thoughtfully on a ceramic book with DARWIN inscribed on the spine. The occupied japanese take on Affe mit Schadel by Hugo Rheinhold perhaps?" 
Grace's submission is the 39th entry in the reader's bookcases category of TYWKIWDBI - and the last, because the queue is now depleted.  I just want to remind everyone that someday you will die and your books and knickknacks will be dispersed to libraries and charities and relatives who didn't really know you very well, and all that information about how they were assembled will be lost in time, like tears in rain.


  1. Your choice of the tears in rain soliloquy is excellent. Absolutely one of my favorites. Unfortunately the link is broken.

    1. Apparently I pasted the phrase rather than the link. Fixed. Tx.


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