03 December 2013

Evilhayama's bookcases

"My shelves have a decent number of books my wife and I are both into - Comics, Japanese Culture, and Japanese Comics so we have even more of those! We are also hoarders and never sell things so there’s a lot here from a loooong time ago.

Top photo: Left shelf is my wife’s manga collection, mostly in Japanese. Also a shelf of video game art books. Right shelf is non-fiction, mostly art and cooking related. Small overflow fiction shelf peeking in there on the right. Ancient anime collection on top.

Second photo: Large format comics on top, start of fiction section on the bottom.

Two photos side-by-side below: Rest of the fiction featuring the obligatory Pratchett section, and our collection of english language manga. Ran out of space here so longer series are doubled up."

This is #27 in a series that has become quite interesting, and which will go on only as long as readers want to participate.  Dumpsterkitty, Mama Bean, and Hundewanderer, you're up next.  After that...?

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