29 October 2013

Steve Miller's bookcases

"I build book cases, but I can't keep up with the books. This one in the kitchen holds the "more-frequently referred-to" cookbooks. There are five shelves' worth elsewhere. I started cooking (and collecting) seriously after designing several cookbooks. I didn't know then I'd start designing furniture. Yes, the legs do curve on both outer surfaces."
"Nope, not more cookbooks. Not too sure what's in the boxes... This case is based closely on a Stickley D-handle bookcase, so it holds woodworking books. Occasionally, it's unloaded and hauled out for demos, since I now teach woodworking."
Blogger's addendum:  I looked up Stickley + bookcases and found them being auctioned by Sotheby's !

On a sadder note, I have only two more readers' bookcases in the queue left to blog in the next week or so.  I'd welcome more submissions (and there are some readers here whose bookcases I would love to peek at).

But if this topic fades away, I guess I could always start one on readers' cats...


  1. sorry, stan. my bookcases are boring. i also do not have a cat.

    1. perhaps I should do "readers' cameras" ??

    2. as a long time lurker, I've got a bookcase photo and description of sorts, and absolutely no idea of how to get them to you. maybe I should just ease back into the shadows . . .

    3. Hi bruce. Lurkers outnumber active commenters here probably 50:1, so you're well in the majority. If you want your bookcase immortalized for its 15 minutes of fame, just email the pic and comments to the address in the right sidebar ("About Me").


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