21 October 2013

Stan B's bookcases

Except for the books on the floor and the last shelf, bottom right (the wife's interior design books), this is my collection of photography books (mostly monographs) that I've purchased since the late '70s. They're basically like poetry books that can be repeatedly seen and contemplated depending on mood- glean what you will. I buy only those of photographers whose various styles appeal to me, not because of potential value.

All the stuffed stuff and other crap "art objects" are also the wife's. The three and one half legged cat's name is Flynn- Nelson, our one eyed cat would not participate. The Hank Hill action figure on the upper right is mine...

Phone photo by: Lisa Wood (aka- "The Wife")


  1. "Crap" is a typo- I meant to to say skillfully created and/or lovingly collected with an eclectic eye for outstanding value and aesthetic excellence...

    1. Want me to change it? Or append the clarification as an addendum?

  2. I just sold half of your photography books on eBay...now I have room for more skillfully collected crap.
    The Wife


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