17 September 2013

Zhoen's bookcases

"These are our bookshelves. Best part about our house over the last year and a half we've lived here, is not needing our old make-shift bookcases. So nice to think, "hey, maybe we need more books!"

"As for the books, I'll let them speak for themselves."
Readers who would like to submit material for this feature will find guidelines here.

1 comment:

  1. @Zhoen: The only books I recognise are the Terry Pratchett ones, but I have a feeling I'd recognise more if all the titles were in focus. (Oh, and I also see Deeper Meaning of Liff, which I've thumbed through in bookstores but not read.) It particularly pleases me to see that you too have a copy of Once More With Footnotes.

    (BTW, I've linked to this entire series in my most recent blog post, published this evening.)


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