16 August 2013

Fluorite/galena and native gold

Unique specimen featuring a large Fluorite cube covered by Galena and Sphalerite crystals! The purplish Fluorite has formed a higher edge which surrounds the recessed interior. I suspect that the original Fluorite face was covered with Sphalerite crystals at some time in the past and then a second growth phase formed the raised edge. Obviously the heavy covering of Galena and Sphalerite prevented the Fluorite from further growth in the center.  From Rosiclare, Rosiclare Sub-District, Illinois - Kentucky Fluorspar District, Hardin Co., Illinois. 

Incredibly sharp and brilliant Native Gold dendrites on Quartz crystal matrix! There is Silver in the mix but not nearly enough to label this piece as Electrum. From Rosia Montana, Verespatak, Alba County, Romania. 
Both specimens from the 2013 Tucson show.


  1. One of your recent posts seems to have gone AWOL; what gives?

    1. I deleted the one about the imperial presidency. That's the only one I know of that is gone, but it's not "without leave."

    2. I didn't mean to derail conversation on this Fluorite/galena and native gold post, I just wondered why that one got yanked.

      Beautiful pictures, on that note. The Sphalerite coloring is just awesome.

    3. It was an awkward post, whose point could be made more clearly using other material. No sense using a weak example which, when rebutted, might cast doubt on the accuracy of the argument. We'll address the topic again later when we find stronger evidence to support it.


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