06 February 2011

Republican presidential hopefuls

Things will change in the coming year, but for now this is a convenient plot of the current Republican presidential hopefuls, created by Nate Silver at the New York Times.
One dimension is obvious: we can classify the candidates from left to right, from relatively more moderate to relatively more conservative. But another dimension that is often salient in the primaries, and perhaps especially so for Republicans next year, is what we might think of as the insider/outsider axis: whether the candidate is viewed as part of the Republican establishment, or as a critic of it...

There are two more kinds of information embedded in the chart. First, the area of each candidate’s circle is proportional to their perceived likelihood of winning the nomination, according to the Intrade betting market...

Finally, the color of each circle reflects the region the candidate is from: blue for the Northeast, red for the South, green for the Midwest, and yellow for the West.
The source link continues with a more detailed analysis of the various candidates.


  1. It's missing Chris Christie.

  2. If you would take 15 seconds to read the link...

    "I have excluded candidates like Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey or Jeb Bush of Florida who have strongly denied any interest in running in 2012, even though some of them trade at nonzero values on Intrade."

    That's why I put in links. They're not just decorations.


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