16 February 2011

Dane County Friends of Ferals

It was a year ago this week that I wrote a post about the life and death of a local feral cat.  This year I'd like to draw readers' attention to a local charity that cares for such animals, the Dane County Friends of Ferals. 

The organization is an all-volunteer charitable group that relies on donations and receives no government funding.  For seven years thay have provided resources for feral and abandoned stray cats and kittens, and have hosted annual Spayathons.  "To date, more than 2,100 feral cats have been rescued, housed, spayed and neutered, vaccinated and adopted to caregivers."

Our family has supported this group each year with donations and at their fundraising auctions; the reason I'm mentioning them now is that there is currently a promotion going on, sponsored by The Animal Rescue Site.  The public is invited to vote for local animal rescue groups; weekly winning groups will receive a grant of $1,000 and winners in each state will also receive $1,000.

If you would like to vote with a couple clicks of your  mouse, go to this link -

- and type in Dane County Friends of Ferals and select the state (WI), or else enter (WI) and Madison in the location boxes and select from the menu.  The "captcha" will ask you to identify an animal (zerba, monkey, etc) to confirm your humanity.  Voting is permitted once per day.

Thank you for your clicks.


  1. There was a few cats out behind the buildings at the print shop where I worked, the owner brought in a humane trap- the 1st 1 we got was an adult, I let it go- a few days later I went out at night and found 1 kitten and im guessing her mama both in the cage. By luck the "Mom" ran out an i was able to keep the kitten(1 Mo old about). Any way She has brought so much happiness to our lives, tho she is weird; (extremely clean, by stopping mid-step mid-jump and licking herself constantly; like a nervous habit! Very cute tho

  2. Having taken in and loved and cared for an abandoned kitten(who lived with us for 18 years) I totally agree that the best place for domesticated animals is in a loving home where they are not left to roam outdoors. The fact that there are SO MANY pets disposed of in the most callous of ways and left to fend for themselves is all the more reason that people have to step up to the plate to help these unfortunate animals. It's not their fault they don't have a safe home.

    Stan, I don't consider this posting drivel. I can either participate or not as I see fit, but considering the wide scope of the items you include I'm sure we've all read things we didn't particularly like. I just skim them and go on and I'm sure that's what most people do.

    Different strokes . . .

  3. I'm delighted to participate. I used to live in Dane County many years ago (Stoughton). I have participated in helping ferals in Torrance CA. The only reason for feral cats is the refusal of humans to be humane to animals.

  4. We adopted a feral cat found in a litter of 3... She is an absolute angel, we could never have dreamed of having a more placid and friendly cat.

  5. Thanks for your comments, Cathy M. I know that people come and go from the blog all the time, and since this isn't a commercial site it doesn't really matter whether there are 500 visitors a day or 5000. I kind of knew when I was writing this post that any birders on board would be upset (and I understand why). As you say, it's unfortunate when people give up on the blog because of one item (that's what scroll wheels were made for).

    Life goes on.

  6. Ok, I'll bite. I can think of absolutely no reason why this post would draw negative commentary. How can caring for previously uncared for animals be a bad thing?

  7. Bret, feral cats are known to prey on wild birds, especially nestlings. Bird lovers therefore tend to prefer control (or elimination) of free-ranging cats.


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